Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Fetus Found In The Toilet Of
 Pennsylvania Sports Bar

As they do every morning, the
husband-and-wife team on Monday
morning started cleaning Starters
Pub, the popular sports-theme
restaurant off Route 378 in Lower
Saucon Township. But in a ladies restroom, their routine
job turned into a gruesome
discovery. After scrubbing the bowl of one of
the toilets, one of the cleaners
attempted to flush the soapy water
down, Starters owner David Rank
said. But the toilet wouldn't flush, so the
employee opened the lid of the tank,
finding a fetus, which must have
been placed inside the night before
because toilets are cleaned every
day, Rank said. Shortly after the discovery was made
at 10 a.m., Lower Saucon police and
the Northampton County coroner's
office were dispatched to the
restaurant. District Attorney John
Morganelli said investigators are treating the disposal of the fetus as a
crime. Authorities gave no details about
what investigators discovered other
than to call it a fetus. Lower Saucon
police Chief Guy Lesser would only
say his department is investigating,
along with the coroner's and district attorney's offices. Police interviewed employees, and
officers asked to see surveillance
video, Rank said. There were several
marked police cruisers, a crime scene
van and some unmarked police cars
at Starters for nearly three hours. The investigation at the restaurant ended
around 12:30 p.m, Lesser said. While police didn't talk at the scene,
Rank did, breaking down several
times. Rank said neither he nor his
employees know the identity of the
woman involved in the incident and
he said he hopes people don't
condemn her because "no one
knows her situation." "My biggest concern are my
employees, the mother, the baby," he
said. "I just want everyone to say
prayers for … them." Hopefully they find this ho soon and
prosecute her to the fullest extent of
the law.
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